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Jeannette Austin

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Texas Families - 3 pages

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogies and family notes .... Etheredge of Carthage; McCorquodale of Madison County; McMinn of Smith County, Moore of Paris, New of Goliad County, Tiller of Harrison County and Tucker of Kaufman.

Confederate Dead Database - 2,645 pages

By Jeannette Holland Austin

Texas: A Brief Account of the Origin, Progress and Present State of the Colonial Settlements of Texas; Together with an Exposition

By William H. Wharton.

Confederate Dead

By Jeannette Holland Austin. A compilation of 23,350 confederate soldiers, from obituaries and cemeteries, including many major National cemeteries. Listed alphabetically for easy finger-tip reference. Includes births and deaths, regiment, rank, where buried, obituaries, names of widows, children, parents, place of residence, battles See Names

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